NU Team Members

The team behind Nations United is a group of inspiring people with diverse backgrounds in both education and work experience, sharing a common vision; a world that is united for the success and creation of lasting solutions to global issues.



Christian Paré, co-founder of Nations United, is a Toronto resident, Entrepreneur, International Educator and has been a motivational speaker since 1985. He believes that to be happy and fulfilled in life, you need to do what you love and follow your dreams! In 2009 he became the Director General of Can Study Canada and works with a dynamic team of young professionals to assist international students in fulfilling their dreams through education, multicultural life experiences and a positive outlook. A true serial entrepreneur, Christian is an avid art collector and designer, and also owns an art gallery, hair salon, and a home renovations business. He loves to travel and experience new cultures and has worked globally with people of diverse backgrounds who are looking for true self expression and fulfillment. His passionate and positive approach to life has made him a respected speaker, mentor and humanitarian. Mr. Paré runs the general management of Nations United and he works closely with Chaker Khazaal as his mentor. Christian also co-created and co-wrote IGOERA, a feature film production by Nations United. His collaboration with Mr Khazaal has been invaluable.

Christians favourite quote,

“Happiness comes from redefining the meanings you give to events or experiences in your life.”

-Christian Pare

Laila Maiden is a young Toronto based entrepreneur who was born in Lebanon and raised in Toronto. Her academic background began at the University of Toronto where she studied politics and supranational institutions. She has received numerous awards during her academic career and her dedication to personal development is apparent in her many contributions to international organizations and charities. She recently held the position of Executive Assistant with Nations United where her vibrant energy, relentless work ethic, and skills in public relations contributed to the early success and growth of the project. Laila is now positioned on the Executive Board of Nations United supervising the legal structure of the company while coordinating the Public Relations of the organization and its team. Ms. Maiden was the key figure behind the successful Faces of Transformation program that the organization launched in the fall of 2011. She plans on managing the next season of the program which begins in fall of 2012. She recently won the Lebanese Women of the year award at the Lebanon Film Festival for all of her excellent work with Nations United. Ms. Maiden plans to remain as a key team member with Nations United while expanding her personal enterprises and travelling the world as a public speaker for international unity.

Laila’s favourite quote,

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are but small matters compared to what lies within us.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


Hira Ahmed, is a young humanitarian with steadfast belief that everyone deserves to be treated equally with respect and equality and that each person has the ability to make a difference in the world if they just tried. Born in Lahore, Pakistan and raised for 8 years in Dubai; Hira’s family travelled to Toronto, Canada in 2000 in the hopes of discovering more opportunities and opening new doors for herself and her family. Receiving many awards in High School, she continued to excel in her studies by earning scholarships to post-secondary. With her keen interest in humanitarian affairs and communication with people, Hira began her academic career by studying Social Work at York University. After volunteering for UNICEF and WWF, She became drawn towards Nations United because of her passion in humanitarian affairs, media, diversity and international relations. The fact that Nations United had the ability to unify various nations on the common ground of humanity was astonishing for her.  Within her first week at Nations United, Hira managed to instigate the first ever Nations United Student Club at York. She now hopes to not only promote change and unity amongst nations but also to bring something new and fresh to the table more from a youths’ perspective.

Hira’s Favorite Quote:

“Every action in our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity”.
– Edwin Hubbell Chapin



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