Nations United Awards

An evening of music, culture, and celebration
Bringing the world to one place, one platform, one event, one show

Thank You to all who joined us for the Awards Ceremony, See you all next year!

The annual NU Awards recognize humanitarians and organizations globally. This event is marketed through Social Media – celebrities, public figures– incorporating worldwide media outlets. This exposure leads to increased social awareness and greater financial support from philanthropists, individuals, companies and government programs.

Hosted by Chaker Khazaal and Laila Maiden.

NU Awards

The Nations United Awards brings people together from all over the world for an evening of music, culture and celebration. Nations United (NU) supports humanitarian and developmental projects globally by raising awareness through social media, events and programs. The event attracts, through Facebook and Twitter, celebrities, public figures, philanthropists and humanitarians.

The Nations United team nominated qualified individuals and organizations in five categories; which the global public will have the ability to vote for. It is another way of bringing nations together while providing a platform for organizations and individuals to raise awareness or bring the attention to matters that need action.

Click here for the 2012 Nominees

Nations United Awards Categories

Social Media Award Award winner 2012 Tom Fletcher
Awarded to an individual that has utilized their personal social media pages as a platform to spread the vision of a humanitarian cause or project.

Appreciation Award Award winner 2012 Nidal Al Ahmadieh
Awarded to an individual whose work has helped Nations United and/or its partner organizations achieve its goals.

Creativity Award Awards 2012 winner Brent Kitagawa
Awarded to an individual who found creative and innovative ways of displaying the goals and visions of a humanitarian project or cause.

Humanity Award Award winner 2012 Jessica Morris
Awarded to an individual that inspired Nations United with their humanitarian work & efforts.

NGO of the Year Award Award winner 2012 Pencils For Kids
Awarded to a non-governmental organization that Nations United believes to be an example for other NGOs worldwide for the practices followed.

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