Nations united is a corporation that generates profit through the sales of advertising on its social media platforms, programs, events, and website, while raising awareness about developmental projects and humanitarian causes.

By advertising with us, you have the opportunity to reach millions of people internationally, while helping us support our causes. Promote your business while inspiring transformation.

Nations United offers a unique way of allowing supporters to advertise their products/services. The main advertising platform is through social media.

The total monthly outreach for posts through our social media outlets is at an average reach of 8,458,932 users (not including website, events and program views).

When advertising through social media there are many elements that need to be taken into consideration. In the past couple of years the team at NU has conducted research on social media postings in order to achieve best advertising practices both for our causes and advertisers. Based on the audience and region that your product or service caters to; we have established customized advertising packages that differ in content, program, and time of postings. To inquire further about the different options available and to access our demographical outreach, please contact us and a representative will be happy to assist you. Contact us for advertising details.

It’s a generation speaking a nu language: Business Collaborations v/s Donations. More sustainable, more empowering.

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