In the past, Nations United has organized a sponsorship program for Palestinian refugee women to attend university. Nations United committed to sending 10 women to the program. It was a collaborative sponsorship between Nations United and PALWHO which began in September 2010 when Nations United visited the Bourj El Barajneh refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. Together, we lobbied the Beirut-Arab University to create a program that is both accessible and pertinent to Palestinian Refugee women. Tuition was negotiated down to $2500 (US) per woman. The women who attended the program would return to the camp to share their knowledge through programs set up within the camp, thereby benefitting the community as a whole. Initially $12,500 (US) was raised to send 5 women to the program. Nations United visited the camp again in March 2011 and observed the positive result of this initial sponsorship. Only one semester into the program and already the women have created support groups and were actively part of a newfound camp community. The benefit of this sustainable program was astonishing; therefore they pushed further to send more women into the program. The sponsored women now run different social projects within the refugee camps that are associated with helping mothers, children and the elderly.

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