Girls & Football SA

In South Africa, women and young girls alike endure difficult living situations due to poverty, disease and social status. Many young girls are forced to drop out of schools early in order to support themselves and their families. One way of boosting the self esteem of girls and keeping them healthy and in school is through the utilization of sports. It provides a platform for young girls to meet and communicate with mentors and other team members. Participating in sports also encourages body ownership and a healthy body image, two important factors that are often lacking with regard to the social development of girls in South Africa. Self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment are both fuelled by a successful day of hitting the field, which makes sport important for mental and physical development. Sport encourages team work, determination and a collaborative effort to support each other. Girls and Football SA recently developed a documentary in order to spread and share their work with others around the world. Nations United took the documentary and entered it into the Lebanon Film Festival in 2011, in the hopes that the importance of sports for young girls would be understood and implemented in other parts of the world as well. It won the title of “Best Documentary”. Nations United also aired the documentary in its awards ceremony in 2011, in which the organization gained further support.

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