Artists Involved for Nations United

Nations United believes that the power to transform our world and bring about peace and understanding between the nations lies in the communicative power of the arts. That is why the team has been dedicated to starting film centers in areas that are underprivileged. This project aims at teaching people how to use the power of media to share their message and unite with others. Operated by the Artists Involved for Nations United Campaign and led by Jeff Barry, new film centers were established in regions that demonstrated the need for recreational programming and skill development. Nations United offered beneficiaries’ complimentary media equipment as well as human resources. Nations United instructors taught practical skills in areas such as project planning, camera operation, storyboarding, video editing, and interview techniques. The instructors also trained locals to replicate the curriculum so that lessons could continue to develop into the future.

Jeff Barry, past project manager for the Artists Involved for Nations United campaign, spent 3 months in 2010 establishing the first Nations United film centre in Beirut, Lebanon in partnership with local organizations Women’s Humanitarian Organization and IJMA3. Located next to the Bourj Al Barajne refugee camp, the film centre has a regular attendance of between 20 and 30 students daily. Jeff also trained the staff at Women’s Humanitarian Organization in photography and video camera basics, and provided similar training to the Girls! Girls! Club located within the camp.

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