2011 Updates: A message from Chaker Khazaal

It has been almost one year since I sat down with inspiring people like, Christian Paré, Perry Toone, and Meni Mancini to discuss Nations United, the organization and the film.

The campaign component of Nations United consists of a group of individuals who have strong beliefs in the great achievements that can be accomplished when we come together as individuals, nations and countries. The mission of Nations United the organization stems from this belief in the power of unity and is as follows: to build bridges between humanitarian developmental projects and donors and/or sponsors who have the means and desire to support. This mission initially entails learning about the initiatives, assisting with the development of their projects, and building strong proposals and media kits in order to allocate funding. Nations United then supervises and further develops the initiatives with the host organization.

What we found was that the initiatives we worked on could be classified into seven categories based on their nature. The Big Seven of Nations United was born after 7 months. These campaigns deal with various issues: Freedom International for Nations United (FINU) works to integrate refugee communities into national cultures; Entrepreneurs United for Nations United (EUNU) served as a platform between donors, sponsors, and investors on the one hand, business’ seeking investment; Women Empowered for Nations United (WENU) works to enforce women’s rights internationally through educational sponsorship; Health Initiatives for Nations United (HINU) targets targets the poor health of underprivileged communities through education, guidelines, and aid policy restructuring; Children Enlightened for Nations United (CENU) puts children in-touch globally, creating a sense of global awareness at a young age; Positive Act for Nations United (PANU) changes the world through positive thinking initiatives; and Artists Involved for Nations United (AINU) provides the underprivileged with the tools to become artists.

In the first year of Nations United, there are three organizations which we have worked particularly closely with. Women’s Humanitarian Organization (PALWHO) with the help of Nations United has set up a sponsorship system which sees Palestinian women able to attend the Beirut-Arab University where they take Women’s Studies. Nations United represents PALWHO internationally and allocated monthly funding to this wonderful organization. Girls&Football SA is a organization run by a team of young women who are attempting to achieve Millennium development goals by empowering and educating women in South Africa through sports. Nations United allocates monthly funding toward this organization and helps them to fundraise in North America. Nations United also supports the Child Well-being Fund of Ukraine who work towards creating conditions in which Ukrainian children can reach their full potential as human beings. I am the international spokesperson for their organization and am working on increasing their public relations in North America.

Nations United started in a country whose principles of unity and peace is an inspiration – Canada. Locally, we have been focused on providing bright young Canadian university graduates employment. Laila Maiden and Cameron Schallenberg, both recent graduates are employed by Nations United. Nations United also supports young Canadian talent in the arts. The Rising Stars element of our organization seeks out talented young artists, performers and designers and features them on the website. We also offer our rising stars exposure and a generous bursary. As a Canadian organization, Nations United also brings Canada to the international stage through its participation in various international events and with various international public figures. Lastly, Nations United is proud to declare that Laila Maiden has been nominated as The Lebanese Woman of the Year – a prestigious award given out at the Beirut Film Festival. Nations United is proud of Laila’s achievements and is happy to represent a strong and capable women who is such a role model.

Inspired by the journey of such an organization and the efforts and passion of all involved, Nations United is making a feature film which presents a fictional woman, Nu, who will travel through the nations, bringing them together through a unique and important idea. A dark man will rise to stop Nu from her mission. Following the dynamic relationship between an assassin and a predominant figure, Nations United’s Feature film is a story of love, mystery and action. It is currently in pre-production and the title and trailer will be released on March 17th.

Until March 17, the one year anniversary of Nations United, we remain working on our projects, and together with talented people in Toronto, we are working to release Nations United’s first commercial.


Chaker Khazaal

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