Nations United – 10 Inspiring Months

Nations United celebrates 10 months. In this short time we have created 7 Big Campaigns and commenced pre-production of our feature film. The NU team has visited Lebanon, the Ukraine, Honduras and the USA, interacting with public and media networks while promoting our campaign initiatives and the upcoming film. Using the internet and social media, Nations United has spread its message, inspiring individuals and touching hearts in nearly 80 different countries. Nations United would like to thank the international community for their interest, participation and support.

Chaker Khazaal and Christian Paré have been working on pre-production of the upcoming feature film. The script in nearly finalized, a film title has been selected and the casting for actors has begun. Sourcing locations and forming partnerships with production companies is currently being explored and early indications show that there is a lot to be excited about. With each day that passes, Nations United takes one step closer to sharing the story of Nu and her inspiring journey.

Nations United continues to allocate monthly contributions in support of Girls & Football South Africa who have recently premiered the documentary film, “Can I Kick it? The Untold Story of Women’s Football in South Africa.” This unique cinematic perspective discusses the challenges inherent to female football in the region while exploring practical solutions in sport and in life. Entering a second phase of support, Nations United has covered tuition costs for a group of Palestinian women attending Women’s Studies at the Beirut-Arab University. This initiative is a partnership coordinated with the Women’s Humanitarian Organization (PALWHO) in Lebanon.

Nations United is teaming up with emerging local artists to produce a video promoting the 7 campaign initiatives. This collaboration will provide international exposure for young artists and the video will premier at the UNESCO Palace during the International Film Festival of Lebanon in March 2011.

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