Happy Holidays

Hello Friends,

The Nations United team would like to thank each and every one of you for your support and generosity over the past nine months. Nations United through its diverse campaigns has become a giant system of bridges; linking ideas, projects, peoples and nations together. In the process we have brought many people from all around the world together in the name of unity and peace. Nations United manages and facilitates relationships between different and nationally diverse organizations, each contributing, in their own way, to global unity.

We wish to express our gratitude to all those who have given generously, their time, invaluable guidance and financial support to our campaigns and fundraisers. In order to keep our growing international campaigns running, we rely on these contributions and we ask that you keep them coming. Every dollar or every hour of your time goes directly towards sponsoring our campaigns or humanitarian causes, whether it be; an education for Middle Eastern Women; teaching Palestinian refugees valuable life skills, including film production; helping orphaned Ukrainian children battle their way out of institutional care and into loving and trained families; giving talented local Canadians a chance to shine; or allowing South African girls and women to excel in their communities through the sport of soccer. 2010 has been a successful year for Nations United and you are all a huge part of this success.

With Nations United celebrating its first holiday season this year, let’s take a look at how far we have come in a short nine months. Our network of global support reaches over 78 countries, with film centers either currently established or being developed in these countries. Nations United is also well into production of its 1st feature film, ‘Nations United – The Film.’ Set for release later in the New Year. The script is nearing completion and important casting choices are underway. This festive season is a special time for Nations United, because we like to step back and look at our hard work and achievements and reflect on our campaigns, the film, and the global dialogue we have created. It is our belief that this dialogue will bring the countries and parties of the world together. Please join us in celebrating our ninth month as we look forward to the New Year and take a stand for unity and peace. Make this a fundamental theme for 2011, whether it is in your communities or in the international community at large, togetherness and unity are the first steps in overcoming conflict.

Right now Nations United is acting as the bridge between different causes, campaigns and projects throughout the world. During the holiday season, we ask you to take this opportunity to help these communities; In Lebanon, the Women’s Humanitarian Organization (PALWHO) sponsors Palestinian refugee women to attend the Beirut-Arab University to study Women’s Studies; In South Africa, Girls & Football SA encourage young South African women to take larger roles in their communities through the game of soccer. In Kiev, Ukraine, The Child Well-being Fund Ukraine is working diligently towards creating conditions in which young children can foster and develop into strong members of their community. Please get in-touch with Nations United to help support these wonderful programs.

The holiday season is a time when people come together in the name of peace and festivities. Nations United envisions a world in which this togetherness is not a season, but a permanent way of being. Enjoy your holidays, relax, share a smile and remember… you are the difference. We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Best Holiday Wishes,

Chaker Khazaal & The Nations United Team

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