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With so many Social networking Sites being used around the world, it can be difficult to reach out and manage all of them all simultaneously. Whilst many people choose Facebook or Twitter for online networking, other services are becoming more popular in other regions of the world or serving niche communities.

As we strive to find a centralized way of updating the status of Nations United on micro blogging/social networking services like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Thexyz, Tumblr, Bebo, Posterous, Yahoo etc. The choices and ways to go about undertaking a multiple social media integration feed are abundant. To give our readers and subscribers the choice to get Nations United status updates from a variety of social networking services takes the careful integration of different services working in harmony together. Thexyz.com acts as a central location for all Nations United status updates and provides a public gateway to all our online profiles and social networking accounts. Thexyz is able to browse our content from sites such as Flickr and automatically embed them on our profile page, keeping track of all our other social networking profiles in one place.

Nations United Social Media Profile on Thexyz.com

Nations United Social Media Profile on Thexyz.com

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