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The Nations United Team had a very successful trip to Kiev, Ukraine during the week of November 8-15. This trip created yet more international links in the goal of unity worldwide. It was a first time in Ukraine for the entire team and they were welcomed warmly by Alfa Productions who facilitated their visit. During the stay, there were many important events and meetings. The team met with Vasiliy Tereshchuk, the secretariat of  Ombudsman of Ukraine and chairman of the department of international law affairs, during which Ukraine’s system of human rights was explained and discussed. CENU representatives met with the Child Well-being Fund of Ukraine and struck up a partnership with them. Check out NU’s featured friends this month to learn more about this. EUNU representatives also met with the Association of Specialists in Industrial Management of Ukraine where a partnership in Ukraine was discussed and is now in research and development. Aside from these meetings, the team visited a film school, met with members of Alfa Productions to discuss matters relating to the production of Nations United- The Movie, and began meeting with actresses and casting for Nu.

These kinds of meetings strengthen international bonds and bolster the Big 7 campaign, however the Nations United team was also featured widely in the local Ukrainian press. They conducted a press conference through Unian Media and addressed questions to local reporters about Nations United- The Movie. One evening they were featured on a one-hour live talk show on TRK channel where members were interviewed about their respective projects, and the Movie. Members also visited local press events such as the photo-contest “World of Child’s Dream”.The press campaign in Ukraine was a huge success with ratings for the talk show interview reaching 1.4 million viewers. Now a well-known name in Ukraine, Nations United can begin to work in the region and also concentrate on new regions.

In the first week of February, Nations United will travel to South Africa where they hope to establish further links with the international community. They will be working alongside Girls & Football SA to promote women’s sports in Africa. They will be sponsoring a team to play in an exhibition match. Details for this trip are still being worked out. Check out Girls & Football SA to see the great work they are doing!

The Women’s Humanitarian Organization (PALWHO) in Lebanon is also launching a program in 2011 to sponsor women’s education in Beirut. This project is ushered forth in celebration of Beirut-Arab University’s fiftieth year anniversary. Beirut-Arab University has a special diploma in conjunction with Alexandria University in Egypt titled Women’s Studies. This diploma teaches a holistic education about women in arab society. It focuses generally on gender issues in the middle east and Lebanon in particular. Specific courses include Women and Law, Sociology of Gender and Sexuality, Women Throughout History, Women and Media, Women and Public Health, Women Psychology, Women and Property, and Academic Research.

Women’s Studies is a relatively new idea in the middle-east and especially in Lebanon – a country torn by recent war. Besides benefitting the women by educating them about their opportunities and their place in the world, the education also benefits middle-eastern society as a whole by creating a workforce of skilled, trained, and educated women. These women will re-enter the work-force as valuable assets to the economy and will help create a rich and diverse civil society.

As the campaign is expanding internationally, back in Toronto Chaker Khazaal and Christian Paré are working hard on Nations United – The Movie. Casting is leading to some preliminary success and writing is underway. This inspiring film receives much energy from the success of Nations United’s international campaigns. Keep updated for news on all of Nations United’s exciting projects!

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