Who is Nu?

Nations United, the campaign, has already achieved unity between many nations, and through the support of people from over 78 countries has implemented initiatives worldwide. Canada, Honduras, Lebanon,Casting CallUkraine and South Africa are all currently involved in Nations United initiatives.

Nations United is also a film that follows the story of Nu, a woman with a mysterious past and a belief in a unified world. She lives a humanitarian journey, building a future of hope and transformation, a story of love and peace in a world of negativity and pain.

Who is Nu?

Nations United is publicly opening the casting of Nu to women interested in taking on a uniquely new role that will positively influence millions of people around the world.

Nu is a strong female character leading a mission of unity and love while facing many obstacles, determined to succeed.

If you are between 19 and 35 years of age, please contact: casting@nationsunited.org

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