Nations United: The Big 7 & The Story

Jeffrey Barry

Jeffrey Barry

The NU team has returned from Lebanon fully intact, with one exception. Jeff Barry will be staying in Beirut until December 10, 2010, to lead a Nations United campaign initiative. Jeff will oversee the development of the first NU Film Centre Initiative. This project has Jeff working as a media educator and includes him coordinating with local non-government organizations and educational institutions. Specifically, Jeff is teaching youth about the nuts and bolts of filmmaking which includes video editing, slideshow building, and everything from pre-production scripting to post production distribution. Participants of these workshops will learn practical skills and gain new experiences. It is through the Film Centre initiatives and the technology that we make available that this diverse group of youths have the chance to express themselves artistically. They will also learn to work together and to overcome adversity. They will achieve valuable knowledge in storytelling, filmmaking, communications, and new media. Moreover, it is our intention that the participants have fun and enjoy their time creating together. Stay tuned for a link to the YouTube channel that will be broadcasting short and long form clips – the results of these great workshops!
Nations United has a small budget for this initiative to purchase equipment needed to facilitate these workshops. For more information about the workshops, subscribe to our blog and stay updated. Anyone wishing to donate to or financially support this initiative please contact us at NU.

Cedar Tree Painting in Lebanon.

Painting on the wall of a refugee camp in Lebanon.

Back at home in Toronto preparation for the Big 7 Campaign is well underway. Last month, a small event was held during which we made a preliminary announcement regarding the leaders of these 7 campaigns. Nations United is working with these motivated individuals who, with our help, are going to inspire people around the globe. The 7 initiatives are going to usher in a new model of global aid and inspiration.
Don’t forget to visit on October 17th for the release of the Big 7 Campaign.

Amidst the excitement of the Big 7 Campaign, Chaker and Christian are intensely working on pre-production of Nations United, the film. The narrative, story and scenes are taking form and starting to live. With 3 main characters to cast, an actor has also been found to star alongside Nu. We continue casting, scripting, and location scouting for the film. Keep checking the blog to learn more about the process of film making and for regular updates about Chaker and the team at Nations United.

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