Nations United Team In Lebanon

Bourj Al Barajne refugee camp in the southern suburb of Beirut

Nations United on Orbit TV

Nations United on Orbit TV

On the 14th of September, 2010, the NU team visited the Bourj Al Barajne refugee camp in the southern suburb of Beirut. For most of the team it was their first time in a Palestinian refugee camp, and a very emotional experience that will not soon be forgotten. The team visited the daycare, the hospital, met with locals, and discussed campaign initiatives with the project manager of the Woman`s Humanitarian Organization (WHO). During the meeting the NU creator accepted the position as official spokesperson for WHO. The next day, Nations United member, Perry Toone helped WHO design a state of the art website ( and provided the organization with practical website training using the Word Press platform.

Discussions were opened between NU and the Director of WHO regarding the concept of the first NU sponsored film to be produced within the camp. This film will relate daily life experiences between mothers living in the camp and mothers living outside the camp. This film aims to provide new opportunities in the camp, while demonstrating the struggles and hardships shared by all mothers whether they live in refugee camps or elsewhere. Nations United believes that education is critically important in achieving empowerment, and for this reason, NU is in negotiations with WHO regarding the financial sponsorship of post-graduate education for women in the refugee camps throughout Lebanon. Assistance with fundraising is needed. Please email or visit the WHO homepage at to place your donation.

Following the visit to the Bourj Al Barajne refugee camp, NU members appeared on the popular talk show ‘Eyes of Beirut’ where the NU creator voiced call to Arabs worldwide for assistance and support in the Palestinian refugee camps.

As we bring our short visit to Beirut to an end, we feel we have achieved our goals – but the visit has not ended entirely. Jeffrey Barry, a Public Relations manager with NU, will remain in Beirut until December as an official NU representative, to supervise NU initiatives, and to build new relationships in the region. He is very excited to improve his Arabic language skills and learn more about a culture that he has grown to love and respect.

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