Press Conference with Union of Cinema, Lebanon

Press Conference with Union of Cinema, Lebanon  The Nations United (NU) team arrived in Beirut, Lebanon late thursday evevning of September 9th, the last day of the holy month of Ramadan. The city came alive with people from many nations celebrating the Eid. Happiness and excitement was in the air as the streets filled with people from many nations celebrating this annual occasion. During the weekend the team had the opportunity to explore the countryside, reminding them of the richness of history and culture in the region. Highlights included visiting the Jeita caves, the Roman baths and the ancient port city of Byblos.

Saturday evening the team met with the president of the Union of Cinema in Lebanon and gratefully accepted honorary memberships from the Union. The NU creator, Chaker Khazaal, accepted a position with the Union as the official spokesperson for the Beirut International Television & Film Festival, while two members from the team were invited to sit on the panel of judges for the 2011 festival.

Monday September, 13th, the NU team held a press conference at the Union of Journalists in Beirut, where they addressed the televison, radio, and newspaper media representing many Arabic nations with support from the Union of Cinema. The NU team explained the campaign initiatives, provided details about the upcoming film, and answered questions. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and the NU team would like to thank all those whom were in attendance.

After the press conference the NU team will focus their energy towards their partnership with the Woman’s Health Organization (WHO) with whom they will establish a film center initiative. The team will offer training and equipment to the local community where the film center will be located. A professional website developer, Perry Toone, will undertake the task of building a website for PAL WHO and will provide the staff with practical tools and training in web management. This will allow the WHO staff to upload and share audio, video text, and image files over the internet. Through this initiative, the team will establish a self sustaining project center for the local community.

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